The Followers of Fermentation honor an ancient form of spirits and taste.

Rooted in nature and the alchemic traditions, the brother/sisterhood gather and share access to some of the most secretive arts.

Studio Brew is home to a tradition of brewmasters and cicerones. Membership into the FoF order is guarded among the clan – yet you may ask anyone at the brewery and they can help you find your way.

From the earth and its organic mystical relationship with yeast we routinely gather to share our time-held secrets and stories.

Fermentation and yeast is one of the oldest metaphors for human transformation. From early religious ceremonies to the Bible, the gathering of grains has influenced many cultures and continues to do so today – just as it has for millennia.

Find out more about the Followers of Fermentation today and come back often to find out how you can discover the secrets of the order. Your passage will be one of your most honorable associations as we share special clothing and VIP entrance into special follower events produced throughout the year.

Next time you visit Studio Brew – be sure to speak softly, but ask about – “The Followers of Fermentation.” The Followers of Fermentation is a selective order, limiting its members to 115 souls.

Aside from discounts, private parties, and VIP treatment, FoF members will receive a Glass Beer Stein with Studio Brew Cast Logo. (16 oz. ) and newly designed FoF t-shirt.

Click here to view all the perks and the rules of the fellowship.