Studio Brew is looking for your growler! That’s right – your Studio Brew Growler. We’re giving 10% off through July 4th for this special event.

Grab yours today and take it anywhere you go – uptown, downtown or even out of town. Wherever you enjoy craft beer. It could be on a plane, a train, a boat or a fire pit enjoying your evening with friends.

Now here’s the good part. Take a picture with your smartphone and share your moment. We’ll be looking for winners each month and posting your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

Hashtag your photos with #StudioBrew and you could win a $50.00 gift card, a $25.00 gift card or a $15.00 gift card.

We’ll choose winners based on social media likes and staff favorites.

Plus – whoever travels the furthest distance with your growler and win a gift card too.

So, let’s go everybody. Be creative, have fun and experience the good life with Studio Brew.

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